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Robbies Cooks Black Pack


The essential  Cooks 3 pack.

Store them in your pantry. The Garlic Sauces contain  the Garlic and will  keep ageing. 
These sauces will transform any meat dish and they are so versatile. You can marinade with them, sauté Onions & mushrooms

For a steak or Pasta Sauce, heat oil or butter 1T approx, simply add flour or corn flour, milk,  a 1 teaspoon of @Robbies Honey Herb Mustard, cheese, salt and pepper & voila, you have a sauce!

They are fantastic on the BBQ for marinading or to add on while cooking. Great to add as a flavor base to any stew, casserole or meat patty. We use them every day.

Nanas Worchester Sauce
Garlic Sauce
Manuka Smoked Garlic Sauce.

Packaged in a white hamper box with wood wire.

At Robbies, we work incredibly hard to deliver delicious, real food in every jar because we believe people deserve to eat good food made with passion, heart, and integrity. Filled with Organic, heritage or Heirloom produce. Our ingredients are sourced from South Island Suppliers. Nothing artificial. No man made additives, just like my Nan made Josie & Gus. MRS & MR PICKLES