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Honey & Balsamic Pickled Onions 1 KG


This is a Mrs Pickles ARTISAN original.

It is sharp, the Balsamic Vinegar does soften the flavor over time. This one sells out, wherever it goes.

Being a dark onion & GF is a real treat for the connoisseurs among us. 

Can be enjoyed straight from the jar, with cheese , on a platter or to garnish a burger.

INGREDIENTS: Pickling Onion, Organic Salt, White & Balsamic Vinegar, Chilli spice & Raw Honey

Gluten Free * Dairy Free

Proudly made in Southland


At Robbies, we work incredibly hard to deliver delicious, real food in every jar because we believe people deserve to eat good food made with passion, heart, and integrity. Filled with Organic, heritage or Heirloom produce. Our ingredients are sourced from South Island Suppliers. Nothing artificial. No man made additives, just like my Nan made Josie & Gus. MRS & MR PICKLES