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Artisan Collection Native Honey Black Garlic Marinade Gluten Free 250ml


Introducing the Artisan Collection Native Honey Black Garlic Marinade!

This 250ml gluten-free marinade is proudly crafted in Southland, New Zealand, and features a unique blend of native honey and black garlic.

Delicious and rich in flavor, this marinade is perfect for a variety of dishes. Enjoy the sensory experience with every bite!

It is processed sugar, gluten & dairy free.

Another original recipe, made with love and honesty, not to long after we made the Noir Garlik. 

It’s your go to for marinades, drizzles and salad. It is great in your sauces,pizza, roasts or platters. 

Contains: Balsamic vinegar, Black Garlic, Native honey, Ginger & Chilli, Organic black strap molasses , our GF Worchester, cloves, onion & love.

Proudly made in Southland




At Robbies, we work incredibly hard to deliver delicious, real food in every jar because we believe people deserve to eat good food made with passion, heart, and integrity. Filled with Organic, heritage or Heirloom produce. Our ingredients are sourced from South Island Suppliers. Nothing artificial. No man made additives, just like my Nan made Josie & Gus. MRS & MR PICKLES