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Artisan Pickled Onion 3 pack


Size Onions

The Black Barrel Rum + Honey and Artisan Bourbon + Honey are very smooth and infused with the spirit added. The Honey + Balsamic are sharp initially, then refined as the Balsamic vinegar ages them slowly and surely. 

Add them to any platter, a delight with any cheese and cracker combo. Original, divine and delicious.

TIP: Use the brine to marinade meat or veges, drizzle over your roast veges, caramelize Beetroot, drizzle over your salad or strawberries or even your buffalo cheese and crackers. Can also be used  as a dipping sauce.  

*Dairy Free * Gluten Free Proudly made with South Island Pickling onions.

Packaged in a white hamper box with wood wire.

At Robbies, we work incredibly hard to deliver delicious, real food in every jar because we believe people deserve to eat good food made with passion, heart, and integrity. Filled with Organic, heritage or Heirloom produce. Our ingredients are sourced from South Island Suppliers. Nothing artificial. No man made additives, just like my Nan made Josie & Gus. MRS & MR PICKLES